International Conference on Emerging Smart Computing & Informatics 2024 (Hybrid Mode)
(5, 6 & 7 March 2024)

The international conference invites academics and industry researchers for publication of papers explaining literature review, problem statement, methodologies with appropriate results. The selected papers will be sent to the experts for review. Acceptance will be based on significant and innovative content, originality and unpublished quality work. Accepted papers will be submitted for inclusion into IEEE Xplore”.

The Conference also invites special topics, tools and applications in multidisciplinary areas with workshops, tutorial sessions by expert academicians and professionals.

Highlights: To imbibe the research culture in undergraduate students, the conference invites the undergraduate students to publish original, innovative and quality research work.

“Accepted papers will be submitted for inclusion into IEEE Xplore”.

The conference invites the papers in the following domains /tracks but not limited to different Tracks:



  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Data Mining and Text mining
  • Big Data Analytics and Metrics
  • Cloud Computing
  • Mobile Computing
  • Natural Language Processing and Machine Translation
  • Parallel and Distributed Algorithms
  • Pattern Recognition and Analysis
  • Modeling Systems and Software Engineering
  • Ubiquitous and High-Performance Computing.
  • Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies
  • Green computing
  • Biomedical computing
  • Mobile Computing
  • Social Network Analysis

TRACK 2 : Internet of Things

  • Artificial Intellegence
  • Security and Privacy
  • Industry X
  • Smart Sensors
  • Emerging Communication Technology
  • Industry 4.0
  • AI and Big Data
  • Digital Communication
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Machine Learning(ML)
  • Augmented and Virtual Realities(AR/VR)
  • Intelligent and Autonomous Systems


  • Image and Video processing
  • Object recognition
  • Speech processing
  • Medical imaging

This conference mainly focuses towards the emerging techniques required for smart computing and informatics. This conference aims to present a unified platform for advanced and multi-disciplinary research towards design of smart computing and informatics. The theme is on a broader front focuses on various innovation paradigms in system knowledge, intelligence and sustainability that may be applied to provide realistic solution to varied problems in society, environment and industries. The scope is also extended towards deployment of emerging computational and knowledge transfer approaches, optimizing solutions in varied disciplines of science, technology and healthcare.

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